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Security Standards for Leased Buildings. This section provides information on the Interagency Security Committee (ISC) issuing new security standards for government leased space, and how GSA has incorporated the ISC security standards into its solicitation for offers.

Utility Areawide Contracts. This is a listing of the various GSA Utility Areawide Contracts managed by the Energy Conservation section of For additional information contact Mark Ewing at (202) 708-9296 or or Jerard Butler at (202) 401-0855 or

P100. The Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Service (P100) establishes design standards and criteria for new buildings, major and minor alterations, and work in historic structures for the Public Buildings Service of General Services Administration (GSA). For more information contact the Office of the Chief Architect at (202) 501-1888.

IDIQ Contracts for Technical Services. This section has information regarding GSA awarding five competitively priced Multiple Award Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contracts to some of the most technically qualified Architect-Engineering Firms in the United States using FAR Part 36 and the Architect-Engineer Brooks-Act procurement procedures. For more information contact Charles Matta at or the Office of the Chief Architect at (202) 501-1888.

3D- 4D Building Information Modeling. All major GSA design and construction projects require spatial program BIMs be the minimum requirements for submission for Final Concept approvals by the PBS Commissioner and the Chief Architect. In addition all GSA projects are encouraged to deploy mature 3D, 4D, and BIM technologies—beyond spatial program validation—at strategic project phases in support of specific project challenges.

CAD Standards. This section provide general information and documents relating to PBS Buildings and Real Estate Services employing specialized information technologies to create designs, prepare construction drawings, manage drawings, and track space.

Design Excellence Program. The Design Excellence Program is the center for GSA's advocacy of design quality. It establishes nationwide policies and procedures for selecting the finest and most appropriate architects for GSA commissions. The program also implements rigorous review processes to produce facilities of outstanding quality and value. Under the auspices of the program, distinguished private-sector design professionals are appointed national peers by the Commissioner of the Public Buildings Service to help GSA select lead designers and their architect/engineer teams, and critique concept designs as they are being developed. Publications, videos, exhibits, and other events, underwritten by the program, document the Design Excellence process and Design Excellence projects, significant commissions that add contemporary form and meaning to America's rich legacy of public architecture. For more information contact Casey Jones at (202) 219-3859 or or the Office of the Chief Architect at (202) 501-1888.

Urban Development. GSA seeks to conduct its real estate activities and meet its client agencies' needs in ways that support community development. GSA facilities are located in more than 2000 urban communities nationwide, and in each of these communities GSA seeks to be an integral member and good neighbor. Through community partnerships, openness to the public, and location / design decisions, GSA provides multiple returns for communities and actively supports urban development. For more information contact Frank Giblin at (202) 501-1856 or or the Office of the Chief Architect at (202) 501-1888.

GSA Annual Prospectus Threshold. This section contains information regarding GSA’s annual prospectus thresholds as referenced in section 102-73.35 of the FMR. For more information contact the Capital Allocation Division at (202) 501-0638.

Land Ports of Entry. This section discusses how the GSA Land Ports of Entry Program assists with the Federal Inspection Services agencies and the management of the border station construction program. Such activities include: strategic planning, budgeting, benchmarking, and design guidance. For more information contact Gianne Condard at 202-208-1453 or

Courthouse Programs. This section provides history of GSA’s involvement with federal courthouses and how GSA is responsible for nationwide policy formulation and general management of new federal courthouse construction and the modernization of existing courthouses. For more information contact Fred Miller at (202) 501-9096 or

Regional Buildings Overview. This page serves as an information portal for the total inventory of over 330 million square feet of workspace for a million federal employees in 2,100 American communities by region. For more information click on the link below:

Real Estate Services. This is the entry for all Real Estate Building areas such as leasing and rent. For more information contact the Office of Real Property Asset Management at (202) 501-0638, Office of Organizational Resources at (202) 501-0971, or Office of National Customer Services Management at (202) 501-0018.

Leasing. This section provides forms and information regarding leased buildings across the country for federal employees.

National Broker Contract. This section provides information on the National Broker Contract GSA awarded to a limited number of broker service contracts to provide consistent, high-quality services nationwide to federal agencies that rely on GSA for lease acquisition under one national contract.

Customer Guide for Real Property. This document explains how to request, use and service space, and the programs associated with this. For more information contact Mary Gibert at (202) 501-0096 or

Real Estate National Accounts Program. This section provides information on PBS’s National Accounts Program. For more information contact Steve Rosen at (202) 208-0153 or

Rent. This section provides rent information and documents related to various GSA rent policies. For more information contact Lisa Betts at (202) 501-0348 or, Office of the PBS Chief Financial Officer at (202) 501-0658, and Office of Real Property Asset Management at (202) 501-0638.

Rent Pricing Policy. This section discusses how GSA develops policies for pricing space and related services to customer agencies. For more information contact Carlos Salazar at (816) 823-2305 or, or the Office of Real Property Asset Management at (202) 501-0638.

Reimbursable Work Authorizations (RWA). This page discusses Reimbursable Work Authorizations (RWA) and how they are established to capture and bill customers the cost of altering, renovating, repairing or providing services in space. For more information contact Larry Melton at (202) 663-0058 or

Code Adam Alert Program. This page provides information on “The Code Adam Alert Act of 2003” which requires that procedures be established for a child missing in a federal facility. For more information contact the Federal Protective Service at (202) 732-8000.

Public Buildings Service. This page provides information on GSA’s Public Buildings Service whose mission is to provide a superior workplace for the federal worker and superior value to the American taxpayer. The vision is to be the best real estate organization in the world. For more information contact the Office of the PBS Commissioner at (202) 501-1100.

e-Tools Overview. This page serves as a starting point to the various e-Tools on which allow GSA to better serve federal customers by providing an efficient and cost-effective way to conduct business.

Rent on the Web.  This is an application that posts copies of agencies' individual rent bills.  Customer agencies can have access to this application by obtaining a password.  The application can be found on under "Quick Links" under Rent on the Web. You can also obtain a password on line at  Click on Request for New User ID and fill out the form online.  When completed, print the form and have your supervisor sign and fax to 202-606-3128 for processing.  GSA will email customers their ID and password generally within 24 hours. If customers have an account and have questions, they can contact the Rent on the Web Helpdesk at 1-866-367-7878.

GSA Inventory of Owned and Leased Properties.  This is a database that allows visitors to the site the option of viewing expiring lease/occupancy information from over 8,900 buildings – owned and leased.  Visitors to the site can also view expiring lease/occupancy information by GSA region, state or congressional district.   This is available under "Quick Links" under expiring leases.  For more information call the Office of Real Property Asset Management at 202-501-0638.

e-Tools Related to Property Disposal. This section provides the various e-Tools that are related to tracking, reporting, disposing, managing, or purchasing excess federal property.

Doing Business with GSA. GSA is dedicated to streamlining access to information on, while improving the quality and quantity of information it provides to its current and potential Industry partners. For questions on doing business with GSA, please call 1-866-727-8363 or visit