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Live VIRTUAL screening of Excess Property

Free property! Only pay shipping!

GSA Region 3 Personal Property Management (PPM) will be hosting a live VIRTUAL screening of Excess Property from the Burlington, NJ warehouse on Tuesday, July 1 at 12pm EST. Please read all of the below in close detail.

1)       The items listed at the bottom of this page are what will be shown via webcam during the virtual screening, and all requests will be taken at that time. No requests will be accepted before the screening! Questions about the property will be fielded during the screening.
2)       Registration is required for the event by Tuesday, June 24 at 5pm. No late registration will be accepted. After registration has come to a close, a link to attend the screening will be provided to everyone registered.
3)        An Activity Address Code is required for this event. If you do not know your AAC, please contact your agency’s Approving Official, your National Utilization Officer, or your GSA Area Property Officer prior to the event. Any requests submitted without a valid AAC will not be accepted.
4)        You must have authority to request property to attend this event, you must have an approving official to approve your requests, and you must fill out an SF122 to receive this property. Otherwise, you may not participate.
5)       During the allotted screening time, the items will be displayed via Adobe Connect Meeting Space and customers will use a Google Form to enter the quantity of each item they are interested in. A TEST link for Adobe Connect & Google Forms will be sent to all attendees after registration comes to a close. Please work with your IT desk if you have any issues accessing these links. GSA has no control over your IT settings.
6)       After the screening, GSA staff will review all Google Form submissions and complete determinations for competing requests. GSA will contact you within 3 business days to alert you to which items you’ve been allocated. You will then be required to submit an SF-122 form. After your SF-122 has been approved, you will have the option of picking up your items within 10 business days, or having it shipped to you - customers will have to pay shipping costs. If you decide that the amount you were allocated is not enough to justify shipping, you may alert GSA and the property will be redistributed to other requestors. 
7)       States may register for this event but their requests will only be fulfilled after federal requests.
8)       For those of you just interested in observing, in lieu of registering, please email and she will send you a recorded copy of the event after the fact.
An informational session will be held on Thursday, June 26 at 2pm EST and attendance is strongly encouraged for anyone new to virtual screenings. The session will cover the rules, regulations, and process of the virtual screening, and it will cover how to fill out an SF122. There will not be time during the event itself to answer any questions, so please consider attending this short 30 minute session. A link & details for the informational session will be sent to everyone after registration closes.
The following items will be shown during the Virtual Screening. When applicable, there is an accompanying GSA Advantage for the item. The link is to be considered a GUIDE and is not guaranteed to be the exact item. You will see the actual item the day of the screening. Unit of issue and quantities on Advantage should be disregarded, and only the quantities below should be considered. All property is brand new*
1)    Fine point marker (red), 295 sets of 1 dozen markers. NSN: 7520-01-511-4324,
2)    Screwdriver (Non Sparking), 500 individual screwdrivers. NSN: 5120-00-618-4915,
3)    Impact Socket, 1/2" drive x 15/16" 6pt, 137 individual sockets, NSN unknown, no GSA Advantage link
4)    Eating Plates, 90 boxes of 500 plates, NSN: 7350-01-263-6700,
5)    Dymo Label Cassette, 612 packages of 5 each, NSN unknown, no GSA Advantage link.
6)    Glossy Photo Paper, 199 packages of 50 sheets, NSN unknown, no GSA Advantage link.
7)    Purell Hand Sanitizer, 103 boxes of 24 4-oz bottles, NSN: 8520-02-490-7358,
8)    Purell Hand Sanitizer, 60 boxes of 12 12-oz bottles, NSN: 8520-01-490-7365,
9)    Roasting/Baking Pan, 195 individual pans, NSN: 7330-00-272-2589,
10) Combination Lock, 125 individual locks, NSN: 5340-00-514-2782,
11) Forklift, various models, 14 individual lifts, more details forthcoming.*
12) Scooter, various models, 10 individual scooters, more details forthcoming.*
*These items are NOT brand new and will require special shipping arrangements.
If you have any questions or issues, please attend the above-mentioned informational session on June 26 at 2pm EST. If you have a question that cannot wait, please contact Becky Kauffman at
Tuesday, July 1, 2014
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM


Event Registration
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Rebecca Kauffman
(215) 446-5046


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