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Mobility at GSA

Does your agency want to save money, reduce office space, and increase mobile work? 

If so, GSA can help your agency leverage mobility and adopt a flexible workplace.  Research has shown that open work environments save agencies money, promote collaboration, and improve efficiency. 

Currently, Region 4 has converted two floors of the Martin Luther King, Jr Federal Building in Atlanta, GA into mobile workspaces with unique office furniture and space-saving layouts. In addition, the region opened its first Mobile Worklab and Showroom in the Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center.  The worklab was designed to create a comfortable, open workspace that can serve as a mobile office and alternative place to telework.  

If you believe your agency would be interested in testing out a mobile workspace, make an appointment to tour or work from GSA's showroom located at 2R87 Rich's Building of the Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center.  The showroom gives interested agencies the ability to see an example of an open workspace and test the functionality on a temporary basis.  Below are some pictures of the furniture that can be found in the mobile showroom.  Call the Atlanta South Service Center at (404) 562-0082 to make a reservation or schedule a viewing!  


Mobile Work Furniture Pods    Mobile Worklab Furniture Lounge

 Moblie Worklab Pod Workbenches   Mobile Worklab Adjustable Desk


Top Left: Two Workstation Pods; Top Right: Workstation Lounge equipped with plugs and proper lighting.

Bottom Left: Benching Workstations; Bottom Right: Workstation Pod with adjustable desk.  Employees can adjust the height of the desk to their comfortable, whether it they are sitting or standing.   


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