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OIG Report on Management Challenges Facing GSA

Each year, GSA’s Office of the Inspector General produces a report on “GSA’s Major Management Challenges.”  Here is a highlight of those management challenges:

  • GSA Greening Initiative – Sustainable Environmental Stewardship – Congress has given GSA the responsibility of implementing sustainable practices throughout the federal government. GSA is required to increase energy efficiency; reduce greenhouse gases; conserve water; reduce waste; support sustainable communities; and leverage federal purchasing power to promote environmentally responsible products and technologies. Four challenges for GSA’s sustainability initiatives are:

    • Developing a management framework that GSA can use;
    • Developing metrics that demonstrate the impact of GSA’s changes;
    • Collecting data to support goals and evaluate return on investment; and
    • Funding specific programs.
  • Acquisition Programs – The Multiple Award Schedule Program is one of GSA’s largest acquisition programs. As a result of its large size, effectively negotiating contractor’s best prices, enforcing contract compliance, and managing workload will be a challenge for GSA. Additionally, there are several issues with the proposed changes to the General Services Administration Acquisition Manual.
  • Financial Reporting – Controls over budgetary and financial reporting need improvement, specifically, in regard to the interface between acquisition systems and financial systems and the process to review and verify environmental liability estimates reported on the financial statements.
  • Information Technology – Improved planning, development, and implementation of information technology systems and services are needed to ensure quality data and to support business decisions. Additionally, improvements are needed to protect sensitive GSA information and address emerging risks associated with cloud computing.
  • Protection of Federal Facilities and Personnel – While GSA provides employees and visitors with secure work environments, increased risks of unauthorized access and terrorism have greatly expanded the range of vulnerabilities traditionally faced by building operations personnel.
  • Federal Buildings Fund – GSA faces the challenge of managing budget cuts to the Federal Buildings Fund. As a result, GSA will need to reconsider current housing plans for customer agencies and for its portfolio; may not be able to complete multiple phased renovation projects on schedule; may not adequately address building maintenance and repairs; and may result in costly lease holdovers and extensions.
  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – GSA continues to work on Recovery Act projects, but it will have to manage these projects for a prolonged period of time with diminished budgets and no additional Recovery Act Funds.



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