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Second Generation FSSI Office Supply BPAs

NOTICE: As of December 4, 2014, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has denied four protests regarding Contract Line Numbers (CLINs) 0001 to 0004 for the award of GSA’s FSSI Office Supplies Third Generation (OS3) Purchasing Channel solution. Therefore, GSA can now offer office supplies from the four CLINs in the OS3 solution. As the stay of performance has been lifted, we encourage our federal customers to fulfill their office supplies needs through the FSSI OS3 awardees. Please note, we are currently working with OS3 vendors to upload their contract items on GSAAdvantage!® and anticipate them to be available in the coming weeks. In the interim, please contact the OS3 vendors directly. A list of OS3 vendors can be found at Third Generation FSSI Office Supply Solution.





Prince Choudhury
(212) 264-3025

Nelson Duncan
(212) 264-3633

National Customer Service Center
(800) 488-3111

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