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PBS Announces John Morrell as New South Service Center Division Director

Mid-Atlantic PBS is happy to announce John Morrell as the new Director of our South Service Center.  The Service Center manages projects and building operations throughout the southern portion of the Region’s territory.

South Service Center employees serve West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland, excluding the areas under the Virginia and Maryland communities immediately adjacent to Washington, DC, which are managed by the National Capital Region (NCR).  The Center is served by Regional employees and three main field offices in Baltimore, MD; Charleston, WV; and Richmond, VA.  GSA employees manage approximately 50 owned and 375 leased facilities in the territory.

Prior to his transition to the Service Center, John served as Director of the PBS Project Management Services Division.  John holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University, and began his career as an engineering co-op in the Mid-Atlantic Region’s Design and Construction Division. Over the years, John has served as a project engineer, project manager, and project executive.  In addition to the valuable experience he has gained in the Region, John also has participated in and led numerous national GSA initiatives.

John says, “I am enjoying the balance between clients, projects and the building operations, and they are all challenging in different ways.  This position has been most rewarding by giving me the opportunity to meet the majority of our field office staff.  We have a lot of great people in remote locations who are valuable to our day-to-day operations on the front lines.”

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