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U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Occupies New Lease

Mid-Atlantic GSA partnered with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to form the NRC Region I Office Relocation Team, responsible for the remarkably successful relocation of the entire Region I office staff to a new, professionally designed work place in King of Prussia, PA, that fully supports the operations and mission of the NRC.

Through careful planning and a focus on excellence, the relocation team was able to provide 70,242 square feet of new office space and move over 200 employees, furniture, equipment and materials to the new location on schedule.  They were able to accomplish this with minimal disruption in NRC operations and at a cost savings in excess of $2 million.

The team achieved significant cost savings by organizing and inventorying equipment and materials, disposing unneeded material, and carefully managing the equipment and materials being moved or delivered to the new building.  Procurements were carefully planned and executed so delivery of new office equipment was timed to maximize warranty length, minimize the need to move equipment between locations, effectively manage limited storage space, and, most importantly, ensure that equipment was available when personnel moved into the new building.  

In addition to the cost savings realized in conjunction with the office move, the relocation team leveraged the move to the new office to make changes to improve effectiveness and efficiency that will yield ongoing resource savings.  For example, instead of moving desktop printers from the old office to the new office, new printers were leased through an established GSA contract.  This standardizes the equipment, eliminating the need to purchase and store multiple types of toner cartridges, and provides for equipment maintenance and refresh under the lease--eliminating warranty and replacement costs.  

From the start of the design process, the team’s objective was to provide high quality, cost-effective solutions that effectively meet user needs and allow for future growth.  The most modern equipment was selected for use in the new building, and, whenever possible, compatible with or can be converted to accommodate new technology.  For example, the telecommunications system was upgraded in conjunction with the move to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which significantly expands system capabilities.  Other improvements include video teleconference (VTC) systems that will allow future conversion to Video over IP, the new industry standard, at minimal cost, and integrated audio-visual systems that allow users to easily share and manage information with a variety of options.

Dave Rule, Chief Financial Resources, Region I, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in King of Prussia, PA, recognized the GSA project team after they completed the NRC lease build-out.  "I would like to take this time to thank the entire Region 3 GSA staff for their professionalism and outstanding support,” wrote Rule.  “You were all terrific, top to bottom.  I have enjoyed working with you all and will miss our interactions.  Please stay in touch and I hope we can work together again soon."

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