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GSA's Open Government Initiatives

Open Government Plan, V 3.0

GSA continues to go first, introducing collaborative platforms that create a more effective and responsive government for the American public. From an online building management institute to a program that helps small businesses with government contracting, GSA's efforts are bearing fruit and helping America move forward. This version includes exciting information about sustainability solutions with other agencies that will drive energy- and cost-savings throughout government.

Dashboard Tracks Federal
Infrastructure Projects

The GSA managed Federal Infrastructure Projects Dashboard improves accountability, transparency, and efficiency of Federal actions by enabling the public to track the status of federal permitting actions and environmental review for expedited high priority infrastructure projects across the nation.

GSA Website Makes it Easy
To Buy Federal Property

GSA's site increases transparency and participation by offering the public an easy way to purchase unique properties, while helping government dispose of assets that are no longer needed.

Green Proving Ground

The Green Proving Ground Program is using innovative technology to improve energy use and performance in existing federal buildings.

New E-Waste Policy for Federal Agencies

GSA releases bulletin outlining new guidelines for reusing and recycling government electronics. Helps You Search and Locate Information You Need, the government's one stop website for government info is now offering greater access and better searches of federal websites.

GSA's Open Government Initiatives

Open Gov Plan

Version 3.0 of GSA's Open Government Plan showcases our ongoing implementation of collaborative governmentwide platforms and tools and our current strategic initiatives in the U.S. National Action Plan. This version includes exciting information about GSA’s responsibility and opportunity to find sustainability solutions with other agencies that will drive energy and cost savings throughout government. Download the GSA Open Government Plan Version 3 [PDF - 402.87 KB].

We recognize that our Open Government Plan is a living document and will evolve. As we continue towards increased transparency, participation, collaboration, and innovation, we will include updates of how these open government principles are integrated in our strategic efforts and mission operations.

Details about achievements in these areas can be found on our website, and We invite the public to contribute ideas on ways GSA can become more accountable and accessible. We welcome your feedback as we help to shape a more open government for tomorrow.

The feedback we receive from the public today will help to shape a more open GSA for tomorrow. Please email us at to let us know:

  • What data or information do you want GSA to make available to the public?
  • What additional open government activities would you like to see GSA involved in?
  • What would you like us to include in our updated open government plan?
  • How you would like our /Open webpage to evolve?


GSA conducted an Open Government Plan Self Evaluation to assess progress in meeting goals for the Open Government Plan. Results of the self evaluation were incorporated into the dashboard.

GSA's Open Government Dashboard shows our progress in meeting deliverables for the Open Government Directive.

GSA's Open Government Implementation Dashboard shows the status of our progress for implementing our Open Government Plan.



Senior Officials
Leading GSA's 
OpenGov Efforts

Kathy Conrad
Acting Associate Administrator
Office of Citizen Services
and Innovative Technologies,
Leading Open Government

Christine Harada
Associate Administrator
Office of Government-wide Policy,
Co-Leading Open Government

Michael Casella
Chief Financial Officer
Senior Accountable Official, Quality of Government Spending Information

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Darlene Meskell
Director, Global Government Innovation Networks
Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies

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