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Current GSA Freight RFO & STOS

In the table below, you will find the current GSA Freight Request for Offer (RFO) and Standard Tender of Service (STOS) documents:

Name Format Size Publish Date
FY15 VA NCA TL and LTL Amended RFO PDF 597k 07/29/2014
FY15 GSA Freight Request for Offers (RFO) PDF 2.1MB 05/12/14
GSA No. 2, Freight Standard Tender of Service (STOS) PDF 1.3MB 05/28/13
GSA No. 200, Uniform Rules Tariff (Updated May 8, 2014) PDF 1.7MB 05/12/14
GSA No. 1000-D, STOS, Baseline Rate Publication Section B (Updated May 8, 2014) PDF 215KB 05/12/14
GSA TransPort Integrator Rate Filing Instructions (Updated May 8, 2014) PDF 1.1MB 05/12/14

Are you looking for historical RFO and STOS documents? Please refer to our GSA Historical Documents in Freight Management Library.


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