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We provide services for citizens and consumersbusinesses, and government customers in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska.

The Public Affairs Office for the Heartland Region, located in Kansas City, Mo., issues media releases and advisories to provide important information on regional GSA activities, events and projects that impact and serve these audiences.

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Featured News

Photo illustration of an energy efficient light bulbHeartland Region Number 1 in Energy Reduction

Across the Heartland Region, conservation efforts are producing positive results year-round. That success is reflected in utility rebates and credits earned through the efforts of Region 6 field offices and building managers, as well as in GSA data that shows Region 6 is No. 1 in the country in energy reduction and in monthly energy building reports.

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News Around the Region

St. Louis Federal Building Recognized for its Energy Savings

This winter GSA announced that its American Recovery and Reinvestment Act-funded green investments are helping federal buildings use less energy, even during harsh winters.

After analyzing energy usage data of 59 federal buildings in states that were hardest hit last winter, GSA found that these buildings, all of which received ARRA-funded green investments, used an average of 5.5 percent less energy compared to the winter before the projects began. These buildings – including the Robert A. Young Federal Building in downtown St. Louis — saved enough energy during the winter months to supply 640 U.S. homes with electricity for a full year. In addition, a third of these buildings showed double-digit energy savings.

“Even during frigid temperatures and record snowfalls, GSA’s ARRA-funded green investments are helping make federal buildings more energy efficient,” said Ruth Cox, GSA’s senior sustainability official. “As the frequency of extreme weather events trends upward, it is important that federal buildings are able to meet the needs of occupants while also being cost-effective to operate.”



Three-Story Art Project Welcomes Visitors to KC's Bolling Federal Building

Eric Stall poses in front of his three-story artwork at BollingA graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, Eric Sall installed the final piece of a three-part painting project at the Richard Bolling Federal Building in downtown Kansas City recently.

Sall’s triptych — a painting divided into three sections — is part of GSA’s Art in Architecture Program. The three huge paintings (eight feet wide and six and a half feet tall) are on canvases constructed from stretched linen, wrapped around durable honeycomb aluminum panels. The paintings are located near the lobby of the E. 13th Street entrance at Bolling.

“Mr. Sall’s painting stands nearly three stories in size. His vivid use of color and appropriate scale energizes the space,” said Sylvia Augustus, Heartland historic preservation officer.

The work was commissioned as part of an overall American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) renovation project at Bolling, which also includes work by artist Anne Lindberg. As outlined in the Art in Architecture program, art projects are funded by .5 percent of total construction costs.

The GSA oversees the commissioning of artwork for federal buildings nationwide. This artwork enhances the civic meaning of federal architecture and showcases the vibrancy of American visual arts. Together, the art and architecture of federal buildings aim to create a lasting cultural legacy for the people of the United States.