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Congressional Testimony Archive

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This is archived information. It may contain outdated contact names, telephone numbers, Web links, or other information. For up-to-date information visit pages by topic or contact our Office of Public Affairs at For a list of public affairs officers by beat, visit the GSA Newsroom.
09/29/2010 Federal Courthouse Construction
09/22/2010 Minority Contracting: Opportunities and Challenges for Current and Future Minority-Owned Businesses
07/29/2010 Implementation Of Iran Sanctions
07/23/2010 Dave McClure, Associate Administrator for Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, Testifies on Federal Agency Use of Web 2.0 Technologies
07/21/2010 Federal Green Buildings
07/01/2010 Cloud Computing
06/30/2010 GAO Report on GSA's Governmentwide Contracts, Mutiple Awards Schedules (MAS) and Benefits of Interagency Contracting
06/15/2010 Department of Homeland Security Headquarters at the St. Elizabeths Campus
05/25/2010 Eliminating Waste and Managing Space in Federal Courthouses: GAO Recommendations on Courthouse Construction, Courtroom Sharing and Enforcing Congressional Authorized Limits on Size and Costs
05/20/2010 NETWORX
05/12/2010 Restroom Gender Parity in Federal Buildings Act
04/28/2010 FY 2011 Budget Request for the General Services Administration
04/28/2010 Public Sales of Hurricane Katrina/Rita FEMA Trailers: Are they Safe or Environmental Time Bombs?
04/22/2010 After The Dust Settles: Examining Challenges and Lessons Learned in Transitioning the Federal Government
03/25/2010 St. Elizabeths and DHS Consolidation
03/24/2010 Capital Assets Crisis: Maintaining Federal Real Estate With Dwindling Federal Buildings Funds
02/23/2010 Progress on Implementing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009