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This is archived information. It may contain outdated contact names, telephone numbers, Web links, or other information. For up-to-date information visit pages by topic or contact our Office of Public Affairs at For a list of public affairs officers by beat, visit the GSA Newsroom.
12/21/2010 Sustainable Donna Border Crossing Opens on U.S./Mexican Border
12/17/2010 Notre Dame School of Architecture School Honors Bob Peck
12/14/2010 A Sight to Behold -- New Video Wall at San Francisco Federal Building
12/02/2010 New GSA Registry Seeks Private-Sector Technologies and Practices
11/30/2010 New Shading System, Solar Roof Will Help Transform Green/Wyatt Federal Building in Downtown Portland
11/17/2010 Albert Armendariz Sr. Federal Courthouse Impresses Judges with Sustainable and Innovative Architectural Elements
11/10/2010 New Cafeteria Promoting Wellness, Sustainability and Gastronomy Opens
10/28/2010 GSA Transfers Historic Fort Gratiot Light Station to Michigan Museum
10/28/2010 GSA-Sponsored Program Teaches Women New Job Skills
10/13/2010 GSA Officials Lend Sustainability Expertise to GreenGov Symposium
10/04/2010 GSA Pledges Support for Capital Bikeshare Program
09/21/2010 "Healing Garden" Sculpture Is a Sustainable Oasis
09/14/2010 Bob Peck is 1 of 9 Visionaries Inducted into Honorary Society
09/14/2010 GSA, OPM Focus on Work Force Issues at Telework Town Hall Meeting
09/09/2010 GSA Reaffirms Commitment to Design Excellence
09/08/2010 GSA Assistance Can Lessen Back-to-School Costs
09/01/2010 GSA Ranks Among Best Places to Work in the Federal Government
08/30/2010 Construction Begins on Center for Biological Evaluation and Research
08/23/2010 GSA Ships Supplies to Help Moscow Firefighters Battle Blazes
08/13/2010 Public Art Network Highlights 2 GSA Art in Architecture Projects
08/13/2010 GSA Helps Other Government Agencies Increase Citizen Participation
08/12/2010 GSA Helps City Display Rich History in Outdated Phone Booths
08/06/2010 GSA Website Earns Largest Score Increase on Customer Satisfaction Index
08/03/2010 GSA Websites Make List of Top 50 Public Administration Resources
08/02/2010 Leeds Touts Green Transformation of Ammo Plant
07/20/2010 GSA: Federal Building Practices Take Sustainability to New Level
07/19/2010 GSA Recovery Projects Bolster Economy, Save Energy, Create Green Jobs
07/08/2010 GSA Deploys Goat Herd to Save Energy, Money
07/07/2010 GSA Leaders and Employees Lace Up Their Walking Shoes to Recognize Public Service
07/01/2010 GSA Adds New Carriers and Destinations to City Pairs
06/30/2010 2 GSA Buildings Win Top Industry Award
06/22/2010 GSA Awards Broker Contracts for Commercial Leasing
06/17/2010 Johnson Kicks off Summer of Recovery Act Construction Projects
06/17/2010 Agency Awards Highlight Commitment to Open Government
05/28/2010 GSA Helps Used Generator Get New Life for Emergencies
05/25/2010 200-Year-Old Building Continues to Serve Government Needs
05/20/2010 CIO Coleman Receives MIT Innovation Award
05/14/2010 GSA and NASA Partner to Preserve Space History
04/22/2010 GSA Conference Highlights New Media and Citizen Engagement
04/15/2010 Lights Out For GSA Federal Buildings Across the United States
04/07/2010 Vice President Biden Welcomes Administrator Johnson to the Obama Administration
03/29/2010 GSA, USDA Collaborate on $500 Million Recovery Act Modernization Project
03/23/2010 GSA Employees Receive Federal 100 Honors
02/22/2010 GSA Makes Changes to Bolster Sustainability Efforts
02/17/2010 Denver Federal Center Spotlights 1-Year Anniversary of Recovery Act Signing
02/16/2010 Johnson Takes Helm as New GSA Administrator
02/16/2010 New Administrator to Historic Blizzard: Bring it On!
02/12/2010 Federal Wellness Program Rolls Out and Goes Green
02/11/2010 GSA Launches Online Dialogue With Public
02/01/2010 Haiti Earthquake Relief