GPG Program



Outbrief Webinars

GPG Outbrief webinars are presented by national laboratory researchers and include results from real-world evaluations, as well as feedback from facility managers at test-bed locations. Recordings of past webinars and a schedule of upcoming webinars can be found here.

Published Findings

GPG has recently completed assessments of the following technologies:

Low-e Window Film

Linear LED Retrofits

Smart Ceiling Fans White Paper

Control Optimization System for Chiller Plants

Honeycomb Solar Thermal Collector

LED Downlight Lamps for CFL Fixtures



NOTE: GSA has found substantive issues with our test-bed evaluation of Variable-Speed Direct-Drive Screw Chiller technology, Report # GPG-031. Our paramount concern is to ensure that GPG test-bed evaluation outcomes are accurate, objective and credible. We have therefore withdrawn this report, findings and other summary material, pending revision. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

What Is GPG? The GPG program enables GSA to make sound investment decisions in next generation building technologies based on their real world performance.

Last Reviewed 2017-03-30