Identity Assurance & Trusted Access

GSA provides tools and analysis to support government agencies in providing electronic service technology to businesses, other government customers and citizens. GSA provides system-wide surveillance of trust and privacy and support for initiative risk analysis and credentials. IPP develops uniform criteria standards to insure interoperability of vendor equipment. IPP provides system-wide policy, privacy, trust and interoperable standards for various levels of credential assurance.

Government agencies benefit from replacing current stove-piped authentication systems with a common unified authentication service. Governmentwide agencies will install their system as part of a federated system. Each agency benefits from development of a complete enterprise architecture system with vendors with interoperable products.

IPP includes Identity Management, Electronic Authentication (Identity, Credential, and Access Management Services), the Federal Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Policy Authority, and the Federal PKI Management Authority Architecture.

The GSA's Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP) has been appointed as the Federal PKI Management Authority to manage the design, the development, the implementation, and the overall management of the Federal PKI Architecture.

The Federal PKI Architecture is an information system that facilitates a government entity (or nongovernment entity) accepting public key certificates issued by another government entity (or nongovernment entity) for a transaction. Thus, making it possible for data integrity and confidentiality.

The Federal PKI Policy Authority is an interagency body setup under the CIO Council to enforce digital certificate standards for trusted identity authentication across the federal agencies and between federal agencies, universities, state and local governments, and commercial entities. 

The Federal PKI Policy Authority sets the policy governing operation of the Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA), the Federal Common Policy CA, the Citizen and Commerce Class Common CA, and the E-Governance CA, as well as policy mappings and approves applicants for cross certification. provides a one-stop shop for citizens, businesses, and government entities interested in identity management activities across the federal government. Topics include: Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) which directs the implementation of a new standardized identity badge in the federal government, Federal Public Key Infrastructure (FPKI) that authenticates users and data and protects the integrity of transmitted data, ICAM is a consolidated approach for all governmentwide activities to ensure alignment, clarity, and interoperability implementing HSPD-12, and governmentwide acquisitions of products and services required to implement HSPD-12.

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