Bibb Honors Women's History Month

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Remarks by
David L. Bibb
Acting Administrator
U.S. General Services Administration
GSA Women’s History Month Celebration
GSA Auditorium
March 9, 2006


Thank you very much, Martha (Dorris).

Good morning, everyone. Thank you all for coming. You know, it was the comedienne Rosanne Barr who said, Women are cursed and men are the proof.

So, speaking for myself, David Bethel and the other men out there in the audience, let me say we’re honored to be here with you for GSA’s celebration of Women’s History Month. Thank you for having us, and thank you for allowing me to help open the festivities.

We have much to celebrate during Women’s History Month, both as a nation and as a federal agency. America certainly would not be the same strong and compassionate nation it is today without the remarkable contributions women have made in art, science, public service, sports, politics and countless other professions.

From Edith Wharton to Shirley Chisholm, from Sandra Day O’Connor to Sally Ride, from Venus and Serena to Carol Moseley-Braun and Coretta Scott King, women have indeed been the builders of communities and dreams.

Mrs. King, whom we lost just recently, once said that if the soul of the nation is to be saved, women must become its soul.  I think women have met Mrs. King’s challenge.

And, as President Bush accurately noted last week, women continue to strengthen our nation - and the world - by excelling as leaders in all walks of life, including business, law, politics, family life, education, community service, science, medicine and the arts.

That also includes the women in uniform serving in harm’s way in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world.

During Women’s History Month, we honor the women who have fought unrelentingly for decades for justice and equality, and who have continually strived to make America smarter, stronger and more secure. Many are carrying on that rich tradition right here at GSA.

That includes:

- Kathleen Turco, our Acting Deputy Administrator and Chief Financial Officer;

- Ann Everett, Acting Regional Administrator in the National Capital Region;

- Emily Murphy, our Chief Acquisition Officer;

- Madeline Caliendo, Associate Administrator of our Office of Civil Rights;

- MJ Pizzella, Associate Administrator of the Office of Citizen Services and Communications;

- Gail Lovelace, our Chief People Officer;

- Larrilynn Bertocchio, our White House Liaison;

- Regional Administrators Eileen Long-Chelales, Barbara Shelton, and many, many more…

We also honor our mothers and our grandmothers, and our sisters and our daughters, for all they do to inspire us, and for the unconditional love they bestow upon us every day.

This Women’s History Month, the President has urged all Americans to celebrate the extraordinary contributions and accomplishments of American women.

Today I do the same.

Thank you very much.


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