How to Order from the Satellite Communications (SATCOM)

Which contract option is best for your requirement?

For Department of Defense (DoD) customers

All Department of Defense customers should go through Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO). DISA/DITCO uses eBuy to notify industry partners of potential and current requirements through synopses, requests for information, and requests for proposals.

Ordering from Custom SATCOM Solutions (CS2) and Custom SATCOM Solutions-Small Business (CS2-SB)

You have two options to order from Custom SATCOM Solutions:

With either option, you must use fair opportunity when issuing task orders under Custom SATCOM Solutions by providing equal consideration to all industry partners.

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Ordering from IT Schedule 70

IT Schedule 70 features two satellite categories:

  • Transponded Capacity, which includes dedicated bandwidth on a commercial communications satellite
  • Subscription Services, which include subscriptions to pre-existing, pre-engineered satellite solutions, including service plans and terminals

Learn more about ordering from IT Schedule 70:

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Your agency competes and awards the task order

When using any interagency contract, your agency’s internal ordering process takes precedence. If you are the ordering contracting officer, it is your responsibility to know of agency-specific policies for issuing orders on contract vehicles.

1. Fill out the Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) form. Note: DPA's are only required for CS2 and CS2-SB.

To use Custom SATCOM Solutions, you need to get a Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) from GSA. The DPA clearly establishes the roles and responsibilities between the GSA Custom SATCOM Solutions contracting officer and you, the ordering contracting officer (OCO).

Custom SATCOM Solutions (CS2) Delegation of Procurement Authority online form

Custom SATCOM Solutions-Small Business (CS2-SB) Delegation of Procurement Authority online form

2. Assess your agency’s requirements

Work with your agency to assess its requirements.

3. Develop the statement of work

Create a statement of work (SOW) or statement of objectives (SOO). If you request it, we will review your statement of work or statement of objectives to ensure it is within the scope of Custom SATCOM Solutions (CS2) or Custom SATCOM Solutions – Small Business (CS2-SB). See some sample technology SOWs.

4. Issue the solicitation

Ensure fair opportunity in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) part 16.505. You must provide equal consideration for all industry partners on Custom SATCOM Solutions – Small Business (CS2-SB). 

The best way to do this is via eBuy. For more information, see the Custom SATCOM Solutions Ordering Guide, 2/07/2013 [Word - 105 KB] or the Custom SATCOM Solutions - Small Business Ordering Guide, 5/20/2014 [PDF - 204 KB].

5. Evaluate proposals

6. Make the award and manage the task order

Use the best practices to the right to effectively manage the contract.

We compete and award the task order

Through assisted services, we can order and manage the task order on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your mission-critical tasks. Please contact Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS) to learn more.

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Last Reviewed 2016-01-25