Celebrating GSA NCR and EPA Certification Marks Newest Energy Star Building

GSA National Capital Region joined with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently to mark its East-West Building as the newest ENERGY STAR® Certified Building. Earning the ENERGY STAR certification signifies that the building performs in the top 25 percent of similar facilities nationwide for energy efficiency and meets strict energy efficiency performance levels set by the EPA.

“We are committed to EPA meeting high energy efficient standards,” Regional Administrator Hudson said. “As the nation becomes more energy conscious, there are renewed expectations that federal buildings will consume less energy and take a more environmentally-friendly approach to its facilities.”

Built in 1934, the East-West Building earned a score of 81 on EPA's energy performance scale that has maximum score of 100. EPA was able to reach this score by performing the basic energy saving steps required by GSA. The EPA employees in the East-West building essentially pulled out all the energy saving stops! They closed blinds, turned off lights, removed bulbs from areas requiring less lighting for operations, and shut down lights in corridors. EPA was also very diligent about their start up and shut down time of their HVAC system. These steps were performed regularly and collectively and were the true secret to the East-West Buildings success. There result is now a structure transformed—one that is both more energy efficient and eco-friendly, an incredible feat for an historic building.

Ron Allard, Branch Chief of the Energy and Sustainability Branch, GSA, NCR and Renee Page, Director of the Office Administration and Resources Management for the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lead their respective teams in providing the latest example of using innovation to guard environmental and financial resources.

Regional Administrator Hudson congratulated both NCR and EPA teams for their hard work to earn this distinction. NCR’s Energy and Sustainability Branch collaborated with EPA’s Safety Health and Environmental Management Division in order to update and verify the building data in the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager rating tool. They also procured an architectural and engineering firm to independently survey the building and submitted the formal application for certification.

ENERGY STAR®, a joint program between the EPA and Department of Energy, helps federal agencies save money and protects the environment by promoting the use of energy-efficient products and practices. To earn the ENERGY STAR® designation, a building must record at least 12 months of energy and water consumption using its Portfolio Manager database and achieve a score of at least 75 on EPA's energy performance scale.

Winning the ENERGY STAR® designation at the East-West building demonstrates both EPA’s and GSA’s commitment to protect the environment and human health by improving the building in which dedicated employees carry out their duties on behalf of the American public.

Last Reviewed 2016-10-04