Optional Pre-Award Scope Review

GSA has a scope review capability that analyzes the scope and Pool assignment of your proposed OASIS (Unrestricted) or OASIS Small Business (SB) task order requirement. It is an interactive process in which you will be asked a series of questions about your specific requirements, provide your statement of work (SOW) and attach an independent government cost estimate (IGCE).

This service can help reduce the risk of protest and a benefit of working with GSA.

Start your request now by:

  1. Completing your Statement of Work (SOW)*,
  2. Completing your IGCE* (your Agency's government estimate with labor categories and hours template or one generated using the OASIS Estimating Tool),
  3. Filling out this Google doc template: OASIS Pre-Award Scope Review or if you don't have access to Google Docs, use this Pre-Award Scope Review [DOCX - 26 KB], and
  4. Emailing these documents to Todd Richards and cc: Valerie Bindel, Tommy Thomas, Clint Stanfield and Timothy McCutcheon.

Note: If using the Google doc template, email only your SOW and IGCE or if using the Word format, email all three (3) documents (SOW, IGCE and OASIS Pre-Award Scope Review).

* Required

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Last Reviewed 2017-04-07