Accident Prevention

Driving is our most dangerous daily activity. Car crashes are the number one cause of death in the U.S. for ages 1-44.

Drive Focused, Not Distracted

Driving while distracted multiplies the risk of crashing 3-23 times. Driver distraction injures almost 400,000 people in the U.S. annually.

Three types of distracted driving:

  1. Manual - hands off the wheel
  2. Visual - eyes off the road
  3. Cognitive - mind off the driving task

Texting while driving incorporates all three distraction types, and increases your risk of crashing by 23 times, making it four times more dangerous than drunk driving.

Fleet Accident Prevention Tools

Run Crash Data Reports

Log into CRASH to run reports on your agency's or bureau’s vehicle accident data and find accident trends. CRASH reports contain the following details on all accidents and more:

  • People involved, including third parties;
  • Fault assigned;
  • Claim amount and billed amount;
  • Accident type; and
  • Repair estimates and cost.

GSA Driver Safety Resources Portal

  • Brochures, handout and fact sheets;
  • Drive-Safe newsletters, labeled by topic;
  • Short, impacting video clips; and
  • Power-point presentations with speaker notes ready to deliver.

Note: Please select the 'Driver Safety' icon in the navigational menu to access GSA's Driver Safety portal.

Free Online Accredited Driver Training


FMR 102-34.235: Yes. You must obey all motor vehicle traffic laws for the State and local jurisdiction you are in, except when the duties of your position require otherwise. You are personally responsible if you violate State or local traffic laws. If you are fined or otherwise penalized for an offense you commit while performing your official duties, but which was not required as part of your official duties, payment is your personal responsibility.

  • Find your state laws on cell phones and driving at or [nongovernmental website]. 

    Executive Order 13513 prohibits federal employees from texting when behind the wheel of a government vehicle or using a government cell phone.

Visit GSA’s Accident Management Center Page for all post-accident information.


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Last Reviewed 2017-02-03