New Port Generates Revenue for Maine Businesses

GSA and CBP worked with national and local firms to design a new Land Port of Entry to replace the former, outdated port that was severely damaged by flooding of the St. John River in May 2008. The new port uses modern technology to enhance border security, speed the flow of commerce and save energy. The facility is expected to achieve a LEED Gold rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Located on a 22-acre site on the northeastern border of Maine, the 44,000 square foot facility screens and welcomes travelers, workers and commercial trucks to and from Canada. The port also provides the region with a full service commercial screening station, which will support commercial vehicle traffic.

The project generated $10.7M for twenty-five subcontractors in Maine, $3.3M within Aroostook County and $1.5M in the Town of Van Buren. GSA’s private sector partners included the award-winning Julie Snow Architects, Inc., J&J Contractors, Inc., and Robert Siegel Architects.

Sustainable Features
     Insulated Pre-Cast Concrete Panels
     Geothermal Heating and Cooling System
     Radiant Floor Heating
     Solar Hot Water Heating System
     Energy-Efficient Lighting

Last Reviewed 2016-12-14