Enterprise GWAC Division

The Enterprise GWAC Division manages the Alliant GWAC and the expired Millennia, Millennia Lite, and ANSWER GWACs.

Enterprise GWACs

Contract Features Expiration
  • Five-year base period of performance with one five-year option
  • $50 Billion ceiling
  • Email: alliant@gsa.gov  
Applications ‘N Support for Widely-diverse End-user Requirements
  • 10-year contract period of performance, including base period and options
  • $25 Billion ceiling
  • Email: answer@gsa.gov
  • One-year base period of performance with five one-year options
  • $25 Billion ceiling
  • Email: millennia@gsa.gov
Millennia Lite
  • Three-year base period of performance with seven one-year options
  • $20 Billion ceiling
  • Email: millennialite@gsa.gov

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The Enterprise GWAC Division’s newsletter, Staying Connected (formerly called Procurement Times), has the latest information about the division and the enterprise GWACs.

Please contact Jennifer Jeans at jennifer.jeans@gsa.gov with comments or questions on the newsletters.

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